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Timetable and Attendance Management

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Address : Anywhere in India

Features :

By this app creating an efficient timetable at the beginning of an academic year will be no longer a challenge for the administration of institute.

Description :

Timetable and Attendance Management

1) Timely Schedule

Unplanned systems are always very exhausting and less productive

Planned schedule brings discipline by keeping the students engaged.

Reducing time consumption due to chaos and confusions.

2) Regular updation of timetable

New classes can be added to or deleted from the timetable as and when required by school.

3) Equal distribution of faculty

Time table management system will evenly weigh and allocate the lectures.

Preventing uneven distribution of work amongst faculty and stabilizing the arrangement.

4) Events and holidays calendar 

Holidays and events are created in the backend, which can be viewed by the user by this app in the form of a fully featured yearly calendar.

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